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English Audio Request

193 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Please record at natural speed and loud voice. Thank you in advance.

I enjoy the Japanese legend of “Isogai, the humble”. Isogai was a workman who earned his living working hard in a granite quarry for a very scarce wage. He envied the powerful men, and desired to be a rich man himself. With this thought he fell asleep and had a wonderful dream: he was the richest man in his village and had all the goods he could desire. But one day he saw the emperor traveling majestically with his entourage and he was jealous of him. He desired to be emperor and his wish was fulfilled: he was now the emperor of Japan. But as powerful as he was, the sultry heat was bothering him in such a way that he felt miserable and asked to be the mighty Sun. But his intense rays were covered by a great cloud, so Isogai felt jealous again and wished to be the cloud. He harassed the country with a devastating storm that destroyed everything in its path... except the stone! When he had found himself turned into stone, he saw how a workman hammered him, so he desired to be a workman. Then, Isogai awoke.




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