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English Audio Request

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The Lost Horse
A wise man lived in a remote village in China. One day his most beautiful horse ran away. His friends came to console him over his misfortune. But the man said, "How do you know that this isn't a good thing?"
A few months later the man's horse returned, bringing a beautiful, strong wild stallion with her. Everyone congratulated the man on his good fortune. But the man said, "How do you know this isn't a disaster?"
The man's son loved to ride the wild stallion. One day the son fell from the horse and broke his legs. Everyone came to console the man over his son's misfortune. But the man said, "What makes you so sure this isn't a good thing?"
Soon after this, an invading army came. Every man was required to fight, and nine out of every ten men were killed in battle. Because the son was lame, he survived. He was able to look after his family and live to become a wise old man like his father.
Losing the horse was bad for the man because it was a very fine horse.
Losing the horse was good for the man because when the horse returned, it brought back another horse.
Getting the second horse was good because now the man had two beautiful and strong horses.
Getting the second horse was bad because the man's son fell from it and was injured.
Falling off the horse was unfortunate because the boy broke his legs and was unable to walk.
Falling off the horse was good for the boy because he didn't have to fight and so he survived.



Feb. 13, 2013

Hope this helps, mate. Let me know if you have any problems.

Feb. 13, 2013

It's perfect! Thank you a lot!


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