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English Audio Request

247 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Record at natural speed and loud voice, please, without reading the characters' names (A and B). Thank you in advance.

A: Your hair looks great!
B: Thanks. I had it cut yesterday.

A: Did you get proof?
B: Yes. This tape will get Nick cleared.

A: I'm going to buy a new TV today.
B: Do you need help getting it home?
A: Oh, that's OK. I'll have it delivered.

A: How did Talia know that the first tape was phony?
B: She had it examined by an expert.

A: The dishwasher is broken again.
B: Oh, no! We've had it repaired twice this year!
A: It may be time to buy a new one.

A: Your car always looks new. Do you get it washed every week?
B: Yes. I take it to the car wash on Third Avenue.

A: Do you stop to get the newspaper every day?
B: No. I get it delivered. It's more convenient that way.

A: I need 500 copies of this report. Can you get it copied for me?
B: Sure. I'll take it over to the Copy Center.

A: Your printer isn't working well. Something's wrong with it.
B: I know. I have to get it repaired.

A: This is a nice blouse. Is it washable?
B: No. You have to get it cleaned.

A: Congratulations! I hear you bought a new house. When are you going to move in?
B: Just as soon as we get it painted.

A: Does Laura do her own hair? It always looks great.
B: No. She gets it done by a hairdresser.




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