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English Audio Request

130 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Natural speed and loud voice, please. Thank you in advance.

He found it difficult to ask her out because he was very shy.
They're in a serious relationship. They've been dating for two years.
When you're on the rebound, it's easy to make bad decisions, so be careful!
Padam is still seeing Margo. They've been on two dates this week.
Hiro fixed his co-worker up with his best friend.
I went on a blind date, and I was pretty nervous about going out with someone I hadn't even met.
I had a terrible crush on Mark Hill when I was in high school.
Mary seems unfriendly, but she's just playing hard to get.
Renato loved playing the field; he tried to see as many girls as possible.
Glenda and Keith were always arguing, so they finally decided to split up.




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