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English Audio Request

264 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Natural speed and loud voice, please. Thank you in advance.

Kenji asked Nobuko out.
Paulo and Astrid were in a serious relationship.
Bridget was on the rebound.
Adrienne was seeing someone.
Jorge just fixed his best friend up with a woman from the office.
Stephanie has never gone out on a blind date.
My teenage neighbor has a crush on Britney Spears.
Martin played the field when he was in college.
Young-Sun played hard to get.
Marina and Sergei split up after seeing each other for three years.

It was a big surprise when Morty and Anna split up after being together for such a long time.
Trish, my wife's best friend, was in town, so we fixed her up with my brother Jerry.
Loretta dated lots of guys last summer; in fact, she really played the field.
Every guy in the office wanted a date with Sophie, but she refused all their invitations. She always played hard to get.
It was a long time before I had the courage, but I finally asked her out, and tonight is our first date.
I think Mariko is seeing somebody. Whenever I see her at parties, this guy is with her.
Do you think Arturo and Linda are going to get married? It looks like a serious relationship to me.
Steve just has a crush. High school boys often feel that way about rock stars.
Goran is on the rebound, and he's been very depressed since his girlfriend left him.
Do you think Bill would like it if we arranged a blind date for him? I know a nice woman at work that he's never met.




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