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English Audio Request

221 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

I am looking for a native english speaker who might repeat the words and phrases written below on the list. Thanks a lot

report card Bulletin
to file
to do work
to give it directly to the student
to hand the student the report card
We're going to go sailing for one week.
We're gonna go sailing for one week.
this kind of phrase
You are too close to each other.
You are on top of each other.
They have gotten used to the boats.
They get used to the boats after a couple of hours.
After you managed that, you are ok.
deep sea fishing
to occupy your mind
Maybe it can help a little.
Maybe I can be helpful.
Whitsunday Islands
They make you tired/drowsy.
You can be sick.
You can be sick when you drank too much alcohol the night before.
I am hungover.
I have a hangover.
groomed trails
It's too early in the season.
well-known for teaching sailing
I took a two-week sailing course.
And then I received my license.
I spent a lot of weeks learning sailing.
It took a lot of weeks of courses to learn how to sail.
you have friends who have boats
Which allows us to rent a boat.
which allows dogs on the boat
according TO what you want to do
What's the furthest...
What's the longest...
to save time
to waste time/to lose time




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