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English Audio Request

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When she was a teenager, there was nothing Natacha Regnier wanted more than to be a movie star. There was only one problem: She lived in Belgium, which is like dreaming of being a professional snowboarder from an apartment in Port-au-Prince. So as soon as she could -- in her case, at age 20 -- she moved to Paris to pursue acting full time. Her first movie audition turned into her first part. Two short years and a few relatively painless French TV shows later, Regnier shared the best-actress award at Cannes and won a Cesar, the French equivalent of an Oscar, for best female newcomer for her role as a drifter in The Dreamlife of Angels. "It was a good welcome into the business," she jokes. In her newest movie, Poison Friends, Regnier plays the wholesome librarian muse to a group of promising college students. There's love. There's backstabbing. There's unfathomably quick success -- something Regnier seems uniquely familiar with.




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