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English Audio Request

137 Words / 1 Recordings / 2 Comments
Note to recorder:

Please just read in English part.
If you find mistakes in Emglish, you can read as you want. (I am a baby in an Englih. *.*; )

(May 10th .2011)Just a moment ago,
• I made my rule for myself that I will try to keep up from today.
• I will have two ways of using Lang-8 when writing entries.
• The first way is simply to write a new entry for the day.
• The second one is to read my entry from the same day one year ago and then try not to make the same mistakes in my writing going forward.

• 第一是,写当天的日记,第二是,再回头看看去年的今天写的日记,、。
• 那么我会再发现当时我犯的错误,然后我会更努力尽量避免发生同样的错误

请多多修改!(Korean Audio)
May 10th 2011 22:08
(2011.5.10.화)방금 전 나는 규칙을 만들어 오늘 부터 지켜 보려고 한다.
두 가지 방법인데,
첫 번째는 그날의 일기를 쓰는것이고,
그 다음은 작년의 오늘에 쓴 일기를 다시 한 번 읽어 보는 것이다.
그러면 내가 작년에 했던 실수들을 다시 확인하게 되고, 같은 실수의 반복을 피하려고 노력하게 될 것이라고 여긴다.


  • My rule for myself /始努力做到两点/나는 규칙 ( recorded by Catalina ), Midwestern United States

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May 11, 2011

Catalina , Thank you very much!



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