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English Audio Request

100 Words / 1 Recordings / 3 Comments
Note to recorder:

Please redord in Englsih part.
Thank you very much your redording. ^^

-----<“Hey jude” (Korean baby's song)>-May 14th 2010 --
• What do you think? This is so cute!
• What a cute singer!
• I guess Korean is probably not easy for him either. .~` ^^/
• But I think we should give him a big hand of applause。
• I really like the song too.
Korean Audio〉〉
너~무~ 귀엽죠? (얼마나 깜찍한 가수입니까?)
이 아가에게는 아직 한국어도 그리 쉽지 않을 듯 합니다만。。。。
그렇지만 아가의 열창에 큰 박수를 보내고 싶어요!
저도 이 노래를 무척 좋아 한답니다.

—— (2011.5.9.星期一)—————–•
多么可爱!!! (多么可爱的歌手呀?)
不过我想给他拍手喝彩[/pāi shǒu hè cǎi]。 
( 不过他精彩的表演我想热烈鼓掌!)


  • What a cute singer! 얼마나 깜찍한 가수입니까?) ( recorded by theymademedoit ), Inland North American

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May 9, 2011

Korean Audio〉〉

May 9, 2011

Korean Audio〉〉

May 10, 2011

theymademedoit :)-
Thank you and Thank you!
Your recording is so good. ^^/
Your voice is very clear and very beautiful!
Just I am sorry I cannot record for you. -.-'



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