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Spanish Audio Request

80 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments

poca, foca
posa, fosa
pajar, fajar
peco, feco
puma, fuma
piar, fiar
sopa, soba
pesar, besar
pus, bus
pastar, bastar
porra, borra
pilla, billa
ropa, roma
par, mar
pino, mino
mapa, mama
pesa, mesa
pasa, masa
peco, weco
peso, weso
pida, wida
pesa, wesa
peca, weca
pero, wero
casa, masa
cara, para
beso, peso
trabajo, trabaja
quien, bien
fabrique, fabrico
pera, para
canto, canta
digo, diga
pisar, pesar
suerte, muerte
gordo, gorda
queso, caso
beso, besa
coro, caro
fuerte, suerte




You can use our built-in RhinoRecorder to record from within your browser, or you may also use the form to upload an audio file for this Audio Request.

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