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English Audio Request

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1. hard headed means "stubborn" or "unwilling to change an opinion or idea

Example: I can't work with Joe any more. He's so hard headed!

2. keep in touch (or "stay in touch") means "do not stop communicating - send letters or call sometimes"

Example: Don't forget to keep in touch. I want to know how you're doing while you're away.

3. miss the boat means "to miss an opportunity"

Example: The sale ends today at noon. If we don't hurry, we're going to miss the boat!

4. be fed up with means "to hate something now, even though I may have liked it before"

Example: I'm fed up with my job! I think I should start looking for a new one. cram means "to study hard a few days before a test"

Example: If you had studied hard for the past four months, you wouldn't have to cram so much this weekend.




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