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Welsh Audio Request

137 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Please say the titles Getting Started and Everyday Words and Phrases and then just the Welsh phrases if possible. Thanks!

Getting Started
Everyday Words and Phrases

Ydw - Yes, I am, I do
Ydy - Yes, she/he is, she/he does
Ydyn - Yes, we are, we do
Ydych - Yes, you are, you do
Ydyn - Yes, they are, they do
Ydw, os gwelwch yn dda - Yes, please
Nac ydw - No, I am not / do not
Nac ydy - No, she/he isn't, she/he doesn't
Nac ydyn - No, we are not or do not
Nac ydych - No, you are not or do not
Nac ydyn - No, they are not or do not
Na, dim diolch - No, thank you
Iawn - OK
Os gwelwch yn dda - Please
Diolch - Thank you
Esgusodwch fi - Excuse me
Da iawn - Very good
Mae'n ddrwg iawn 'da fi - I am very sorry




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