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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

Two speakers would be absolutely amazing... You can act it out ;)

Detective: What were you doing at 2 am on Sunday night?
Suspect: I was waiting for my favorite TV program, sir.
Detective: Who were you with?
Suspect: I was with my wife, Laura.
Detective: Laura told us she fell asleep at 1:30 am.
Suspect: Yes, sir. While we were watching TV, she started to snore.
Detective: Your neighbor, Philip, saw you at 2:10. You were running in the street.
Suspect: He is telling lie, sir.
Detective: Also, some security cameras recorded you outside on Sunday night. Why did you lie?
Suspect: I just took the trash out, sir.
Detective: Somebody killed Mrs. Stinson while she was getting home. I think it was you.
Suspect: No, it was not. I swear to god! 
Detective: Did you see Mrs. Stinson when you took the trash out?
Suspect: Yes, I did. She was arguing with a man.
Detective: Why were they arguing?
Suspect: The man was angry at her because, according to the man, Mrs. Stinson had cheated on him.
Detective: Did you hear gunshots?
Suspect: Yes, sir. I did.
Detective: I knew you were telling lies. Mrs. Stinson was stabbed. Let me tell you what happened. You were in love with Mrs. Stinson. But she didn't like you back. So, you stabbed her and dragged her to the forest.
Suspect: Please, I am begging you. Don't put me in prison!


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