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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

Natural speed please

The Internet is a million computers that are linked by telephone lines.
It brings together people, homes, schools and businesses around the world.
Surfing the net can be dangerous.
Some grown-ups use chat rooms on the Internet to make friends with young people
because they want to hurt them.
You can stay safe on the net if you follow these basic rules.
Tell a parent or teacher when you are surfing the net.
Tell a parent or teacher about any rude or nasty e-mails you get.
Don't reply to them.
Don't use your real name in a chat room.
Tell a parent or teacher if you feel uncomfortable about what someone is saying in a chat room.
Never meet anyone you've talked to over the Internet without your parents' permission.
Don't give your name, home, school, e-mail address or phone number over the Internet.


  • The Internet is a million computers ( recorded by deleted ), unspecified accent

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  • The Internet is a million computers ( recorded by cbilyeu ), American - Midwest/Neutral

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April 13, 2024

That's super! Thanks!


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