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Note to recorder:

severe criticism intonation

In formal contexts, or when we want to give some special emphasis to the negative
(perhaps to show that we are angry, very surprised, or to strongly persuade someone)
, we can use NOT after the subject in negative questions.

Did she not realise that she'd broken it?
Can you not get there a bit earlier?
Do you not realize that?
Did they not notice?

Negative question forms, usually with a falling intonation,
are used in exclamations giving opinions:
Haven't you grown!
Doesn't she look lovely!
Didn't it snow a lot!

We usually make a negative question to suggest, persuade, criticise, etc.

Wouldn't it be better to go tomorrow?
Why don't we go out for a meal?
Aren’t you aware of that?
Didn’t you notice?
Don’t you realize that?


  • Grammar. Negative questions Martin Hewings ( recorded by speedwell ), Standard American English

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Feb. 2, 2017

Thanks a lot!