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English Audio Request

112 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Please take this as a trailer for a movie. Use your sensational voice to make the reader read this story or the listener watch this movie if it were a movie.


The novel Timkey and Pinkey is about female oppression and the struggle for equality. Two sisters, Timkey and Pinkey, live in Pakistan, where many girls are denied dreams of a brighter future. Early in life, Timkey dreams to one day become a doctor, and Pinkey wishes to be a writer. However, in their youth, they are taught what their family traditions and religious culture have in store for them. Their future appears to veer far from what the girls had hoped for. Denied of the right to study, they question their faith, traditions, humanity, and what God really expects of women. Despite the hurdles, will they gain their right to education?




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