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Polish Audio Request

9 Words / 4 Recordings / 4 Comments
Note to recorder:

I need to say these lines in Polish for an American TV audition. I need to say, Bazyli, in a very excited voice. I'm nervous (Ja Jestem Nerwowy)in a nervous tone. Moj syn in a very excited tone. To help you understand the situation better, what's happened is my son was kidnapped and is now returned to me. I am nervous or anxious in an elevator, I turn to my husband and say, I'm nervous, then the elevator door opens and I see the baby and I say excited, almost yelling, BAZylI!!! Then the FBI hands me the baby and I say, Moj Syn, I check him over to make sure he is o.k. and healthy and I turn to my husband and say, On jest O.K., unless you think I should say, he is fine, or he looks good/healthy?? I'm trying to make it easy on me, by saying on jest ok. I got these translations from somewhere else, so I'm not even sure if nerwowy is accurate. Please say the first phrase as though you are nervous and say it slow. Say moj syn as though you are full of joy, this is when I cry with happiness. On jest o.k. can be natural speed. can you say everything slowy and again in natural speed with some emotion, please? I need to say it in natural speed with emotion and I don't know where to put the stress in the words. If you only want to say it once, then do it in natural speed with some emotion. Thanks so much. I need this in Polish not Russian, this is very important.

Ja Jestem Nerwowy. Bazyli!!! Moj syn. On jest o.k.


  • Polish lines for American TV show. ( recorded by sobar ), Standard Polish, somewhat lisping

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  • Polish lines for American TV show. ( recorded by veroniki ), Polish

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  • Polish lines for American TV show. ( recorded by impos ), Polish

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  • Polish lines for American TV show. ( recorded by eiron ), standard Polish

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March 21, 2011

Sorry, I wasn't aware I'll get a chance to write this. Here are the replacement lines. Trust me, they are much, much better -- I do a little translating for fun and I watch quite a lot of movies :)

Tak się boję...
Mój synek!
Chyba nic mu się nie stało.

March 21, 2011

I've just noticed that the embedded player doesn't play my recording. Aaaargh! :D But don't worry -- to the right of the player you'll find a "[mp3]" link. Just right-click on it and use the option to save the link to your computer -- thus you will be able to download the mp3 file. Any regular audio player on your computer should play it without any problem.

March 27, 2011

Sobar is totally right. I made use of his version and added some emotions. I also provided you 2 versions of 'chyba nic mu się nie stało'. First is more like you would give an interview and the second one is like a question a bit, like you weren't convinced if he is okay... -He is ok, RIGHT?

April 7, 2011

Not having seen the sobar's version I came up with: Boję się...Bazyli!!! Mój synek! Jesteś cały i zdrowy.

So this way you've got another version of the last phrase (literally: you're safe and sound)

But I guess the sobar's version is the best.


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