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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

Natural speed please

Hi ! My name 's Kate , I'm British and I'm 15.
I love ice-skating , reading and I belong to a choir.
This year I'm running for class rep because I think I am the person you need to represent you well. I've got many projects !
I think I am persuasive , indeed, when I want something I do all I can to get it.
People often say that I 'm collaborative , I'm always here for people and I'm always ready to help them.
If I am elected a class rep I will set up new clubs for example a chess club, a drama club , a DIY club or even a homework club , it will be an opportunity for the pupils to get help to do their exercises or to learn better , some pupils can share their tips !
I really want to improve the food at the cafeteria , so if you vote for me , I'll convince the Head to make enjoyable and healthy school meals.
Let me assure you that if you vote for me, I will organize many events like to invite a musical or drama company.It will be also great to create a school blog to post all the new activities and to show what life is in our school.
The most important thing for me is your satisfaction. I want all the pupils to be happy and to come to school without any fears or frustration.
You can trust me , I will support you and listen to your ideas. Thank you and remember "We are stronger with a good leader !"



Feb. 4, 2023

thank you


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