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English Audio Request

103 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Please, speak slowly.

Do you know Millie Bird? Millie Bird is small and friendly. Millie Bird is a bird. She's got a sharp bill, wings and two short legs. She is nice and hardworking. She can fly and sing very well. She's got three babies. She loves her three babies. She takes care of them. Millie Bird lives in a tree in the wood. She built a nest. Millie's baby birds are little and beautiful. They aren't dangerous. They can't fly yet. They eat worms. They are happy when their mum feeds them. Look out from your window. Can you see Millie Bird and her babies?


  • BG 5 - Unit 4/ page 46/exercise 13 ( recorded by deleted ), unspecified accent

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