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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

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At the beginning, give your name (or invent one), depending if you're a gril or a boy

My name is … and I’m going to speak about my favourite Harry Potter characters.
The first one is Minerva McGonagall. She’s a strong and independent woman. She’s also extremely intelligent and she’s not afraid of fighting for what she believes in. At first you think she is quite cold but at the end you know she would do anything for her students. On the contrary I hate Dolores Umbridge, she’s just obsessed with power, she doesn’t care about the pupils, she’s so evil.
Well… sometimes I like mean characters, because somewhat you can feel their pain. For example Droco Malfoy. He can be very despicable. In Harry potter and the Chamber of secrets, he keeps on bullying Harry and his friends but very quickly, we understand he’s probably just jealous. Furthermore, he’s probably badly influenced by his parents. So in a sense I do like Droco, I feel bad for him, I think he is less evil than his father and he is definitely more intelligent than Crabbe and Goyle. I hate them, they can be really dumb whereas Droco can be smart.
What about you ? Who is your favourite and your least favourite characters in Harry Potter ?




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