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English Audio Request

130 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Natural speed please, this is for students aged12-13, these are riddles from a film poster.

a. She’s got magic powers. She can cast magic spells!
She’s got spiky blond hair and she looks wicked!
Which number is it?
It’s number 4. It’s the White Witch!

b. It’s very strong and it protects you when you fight.
It can be round or rectangular. Peter, the tall boy at the
front, is holding one in his left hand. Which number is it?
It’s number 3. It’s a shield!

c. It can help you attack your enemies in a battle. Susan,
the girl at the back on the left, has got one. Which number
is it?
It’s number 1. It’s a bow!

d. Kings, princes and knights must have one and
Peter’s got one in his right hand. Which number is it?
It’s number 2. It’s a sword!




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