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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

Natural speed please

On Halloween, people like to dress up in silly costumes and go trick or treating. They knock on doors and ask for candy. The most common costumes are vampires, monsters, zombies or witches, but some people like to dress up as fictional characters such as Superman or Elsa the Snow Queen. Halloween costumes are not necessarily frightening.
In the USA, people carve Jack o' Lanterns. They are hollowed out pumpkins in which you put a candle. But, originally, in Europe and particularly in the UK, people carved turnips to make lanterns.
Some others of the traditional Halloween activities are : escaping a corn maze, watching horror movies or apple bobbing (the aim of this game is to catch an apple with your mouth in a bucket of water).
Whatever the activity, remember to have fun and eat a lot of candy!




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