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English Audio Request

161 Words / 1 Recordings / 1 Comments
Note to recorder:

For a listening test, middle school, natural speed please :) Thanks so much for your help!
Prefer British English if possible.

Did you watch that series I told you about?
It really freaked me out. The series is really gripping but the scenery is so depressing! All those people trying to escape their terrible death in Atlanta, Georgia.
It’s post-apocalyptic! The plot is rather predictable but you really get caught up in the story, and the actors are awesome!
I watched the first few episodes late at night, and ... it was scary! Those zombies, attacking and eating people, eww, gross! I wonder how the plot evolves, if everybody gets eaten...
For now, the survivors are doing a great job fighting off the zombies. They understand that the zombies are attracted to noise like gunshots and the scent of humans.
The survivors can’t make noise, so it adds to the oppressive atmosphere. By the way, there are 10 seasons. It started in 2010 and the last season came out in 2020. Amazing! Can't wait to watch all these spooky but captivating episodes!



May 1, 2023

Hope they do well!


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