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English Audio Request

314 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

If possible, it should be read with 2 different voices (male for the journalist and female for Gazelle) .
Normal speed, please.
Gazelle's real name should be spelt.

Thank you very much!

Journalist : Good evening ! So this is the candidate every jury voted for. Who are you and what type of animal are you ?
Gazelle : My name is Kira Hornston (K.I. R. A - H. O. R. N . S. T . O. N) and I’m a gazelle !
Journalist : Yeah ! Right ! Are you a prey or a predator ?
Gazelle : I’m supposed to be a prey, but in my opinion, everyone should be friends, we mustn’t be enemies. My best friends are tigers !
Journalist : Where are you from ?
Gazelle : I come from Sahara Square.
Journalist : How old are you ?
Gazelle : I’m 16 years old.
Journalist : Do you have brothers and sisters ?
Gazelle : Yes, I do. I have 4 siblings : a twin sister and 2 brothers.
Journalist : Where do you live now, Kira ?
Gazelle : I live in Vegan Avenue, Downtown in Zootopia.
Journalist : What can you do ?
Gazelle : I can sing, of course ! You heard me on TV. I can also run very fast, and I can dance very well. I can also write songs. I can see very well too !
Journalist : What are you like ?
Gazelle : I think I am kind. I love my family and friends. I’m passionate about peace and equality for all. I love Zootopia because it’s a place where we celebrate our differences.
Journalist : So you are very generous ?
Gazelle : Yes, I am. I’m also determined and very honest !
Journalist : Do you have an idea for your celebrity name ?
Gazelle : Yes, I do. I think my celebrity name will be « Gazelle » !
Journalist : Well, thank you very much, ‘Gazelle’ ! We’ll see you for the next part of the competition !




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