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English Audio Request

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vitesse naturel s'il vous plaît

My presentation is about the private Américain company Vans, who is a subsidiary of VF corporation in the making and sale of skatebording shoes and clothes in the secondary sector.
The company has immaterial resources whith different models of shoes.
The old school a pair of sneakers that has become the emblem of the brand.
It's a large company composed of 5001-10000 person, and which having has a turnover of approximately is a 5 billion dollars.
Recently, the company decided to change their methods of production to take a more possitive approah for the planet and go to subsainable development.
The CEO have taken strategic déscisions that will engage tham on the long term by implementing a plan which aims at reducing ecological footprint of their opérations, their products and services.
For this, the brand's has the ambition to choose 100% of their materials cotton, rubler, polyster and leather amena renevable organic and recycled sources by 2030, by engaging in: get rid of disponable plastic, rethinks the life cycle of the products, reduce the greenhouse effect of the gases...
They have the set up various actions to achieve their goals such as: certification LEED, plant of solar panels.
They also incite their customers to adopt a more ecological be haviours by encouraging them to bring their shoes in local recycling stations, by recollecting the cotton of the shoes or sending the old shoes to countries in need.


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