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English Audio Request

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If anything, the games this past weekend among the eight domestic clubs suggest that the six-month race for the baseball title will be varied and full of unexpected outcomes.

To start with, at Daegu, the domestic title holder Samsung Lions lost two consecutive matches against the LG Twins at home.

The Sunday fixture was especially tense as it saw both sides deadlocked without any runs until the seventh inning.

Lions starter Jang Won-sam frustrated the Twins’ batting line-up with 8 strikeouts in the 7 1/3 inning. But LG’s offense rallied in the eighth inning to score three runs, while Samsung trailed behind and failed to equalize despite managing two runs in the ninth. The two wins were a boost to the team that had been bogged down by the involvement of its players in match-rigging schemes.

At Incheon, the Kia Tigers could not break their almost near-decade long jinx of losing in the openers, yielding two straight games against the home side, the SK Wyverns.



April 9, 2012

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