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Portuguese Audio Request

4 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Preferably European Portuguese (I live in Portugal) - thank you :)

Se não estou enganada


  • Se não estou enganada ( recorded by Lilian ), Brazilian

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    Corrected Text

    Se não estou enganada

    Hi! I'm gonna give you two tips:

    1- In a lot of contexts (includiong this one), if we don't use the pronoun (eu), the speech sounds a bit too formal, or unnatural. It's better to say "Se eu não estou enganada".

    2- But is even better saying "Se eu não me engano", which has the same meaning and it's a lot more used.

    So, I'm sending you the recording of the three phrases. I don't know how old is this request, but anyways...hahahah. Cheers!

  • Se não estou enganada ( recorded by AnaIsabel ), Portuguese from Portugal

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