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English Audio Request

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Horace Walpole – Otrante Castle
The Castle of Otranto is a Gothic novel written by Horace Walpole and published in 1764. It is widely considered as the first Gothic novel and is known for its blend of horror, mystery, and romance.
The novel takes place in the medieval castle of Otranto, where strange and supernatural events occur, leading to a series of dramatic twists and turns in the lives of the castle's inhabitants.
The protagonist, Prince Manfred, is driven by his desire for power and is willing to do whatever it takes to retain his hold on the castle, even if it means resorting to dark and evil means.
The novel explores themes of love, family, and inheritance, as well as the power of destiny and the consequences of greed and ambition. With its dark and foreboding atmosphere,

Edgar Allan Poe –The Oval Portrait
"The Oval Portrait" is a horror short story by American writer Edgar Allan Poe, involving the disturbing circumstances of a portrait in a castle. It is one of his shortest stories, filling only two pages in its initial publication in 1842.
The tale begins with an injured narrator seeking refuge in an abandoned mansion. The narrator spends his time admiring the paintings that decorate the strangely shaped room.
Upon moving in the caslte with a candle the narrator discovers a painting depicting the head and shoulders of a young girl. As he investigates the painting, he discovers her tragic history

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson
Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is an 1886 Gothic novel by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson. Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is one of the most famous pieces of English literature, and is considered to be a defining book of the gothic horror genre
It follows Gabriel John Utterson, a London-based legal practitioner who investigates a series of strange events between his old friend Dr. Henry Jekyll and a murderous criminal named Edward Hyde.




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