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Dutch Audio Request

24 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Hello! I'm trying to learn the basics for different languages, and I am looking for some help here at Rhinospike - with good recordings of the simple phrases that I have listed below, and any helpful comments you might have to make these phrases better in your language.

The English phrases that I am working with are (I will do further sets as I learn more):

hello / hi
goodbye / bye bye
thank you / thank you very much / thanks / many thanks
you're welcome
yes, please
no, thanks
my name is Jerome / I am Jerome

Maybe there are better ways to express these phrases in your language?? I am doing English/French/German/Spanish/Russian to begin with, but hope to extend this to other languages as well. I'm interested in learning about everything to do with the different languages, including different dialects, local expressions - real language used by real people.

Many thanks for your help!

If you want to chat about this idea or just want to swap ideas about language learning, I can be contacted on or just get in touch here on Rhinospike...





tot ziens

dank je


heel erg bedankt

graag gedaan

ja, graag

nee, bedankt

mijn naam is Jerome

ik ben Jerome