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English Audio Request

324 Words / 1 Recordings / 1 Comments
Note to recorder:

A dhalogue between a countryman and a townsman,bringing out the comparative advantages of town and country life.

Smith-good morning,mr.Jones.It is a long time since i saw you in the town.Are you staying long?

Jones-good morning.No,mr.Smith,i only came up on business for a few hours,and hope to get home again this evening.

Smith-running away so soon?Why not stay a few days and enjoy yourself?

Jones-not me.I don't find much enjoyment in the smoky air of a town,and all its noice and racket.Give me the clean air,the sunshine,and the quiet of the country.

Smith-well,i grant you have the advantage of purer air in the country;but as for noice,you soon get used to it.In fact,i could not stand your quiet-it would drive me crazy.I like to feel plenty of life and movement about me.

Jones-really?Why,i could not get a wink of sleep in a noicy town.And towns are so ugley-nothing to see but ugly smoke-grimed houses,dreary streets,hideous advertisements on every hoarding,factory chimneys belching smoke,and a dull,smoky sky.I have the beauty of the green fields and shady woods and flowery meadows of the country.

Smith-ah! My friend,but do not forget what Dr.Johnson said :"when you have seen one green field you have seen alk green fields;come with me down Fleet street and study man".

Jones-well,all i can say is that Dr.Johnson never saw a green field in his life,or he would have known that there is an infinite variety in nature if you have the eye tn see it.

Smith-but what in the world do you do with yourself in yourself in village?It must be a very dull and slow life,with no theatres,no concerts,no cinemas,no public lectures,no exciting political meetings.You must lead a stupid vegetable life, like a cabbage.

Jones-dull or not,it is much healthier.In the pure country,we do not get the epidemics and dirt-produced diseases you have in the towns.And our quiet habits give us longer lives.

Smith-yes,you may live longer in the country.But you don't get so much out of life as we do in town.A short life and a merry one,i say.



April 22, 2011

Thanks alot :)


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