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English Audio Request

124 Words / 2 Recordings / 1 Comments
Note to recorder:

If possible, male American accent. Not to fast but not too slow either...

I'm not very organised and my locker is quite messy! I just put everything in there. I keep all my things for school but also a pair of trainers and a basketball because I'm very sporty and I often go for a run or play basketball with my friends after school. I usually don't have lunch at the cafeteria and I just eat a sandwich, so I keep it in my locker with a bottle of water and a fruit, for example an apple or a banana. Oh, and I also keep my mp3 player and my headphones in there. I walk back home and I like listening to music on the way. Hmmm... I think that's about all there is in my locker!



Oct. 11, 2015

Great, thank you!


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