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Russian Audio Request

155 Words / 2 Recordings / 2 Comments
Note to recorder:

This is exact lines from the script of the musical, Matilda (book by Roald Dahl). This is exactly how the lines are written. Can someone please speak them in Russian slowly so that we know how to pronounce correctly? Thank you so much! (I don't know if they've tried to spell it phonetically, or if this is truly how it's spelled? I'll put the the English translation underneath). Need ASAP! :)

Ee Dajza Pukravie swayvo mere Tsatsa utsa. Da. Priyatno poznakomitsa s takoy oom-noy de-vachkoy.
(And she even covers for her rat of a father. Yes, it is a pleasure to meet such a child.)

Spaseeba. Mne to-zhe priyatna paznakomitsa s-Vami.
(Thank you. And it is a pleasure to meet you, too.)

Ty . . . ty gavarish pa-rooski?
(You . . . you speak Russian?)

Ne-tak harashko kak-be mne hatelas'. E-ta krasivui yazik, pactamu ya budu staratsa izuchat' yevo I dal'she.
(Not as well as I would like to. It's a beautiful language so I hope to learn as much as I can).

Stotee dilayesh?
(What are you doing?"

Ya dummel voyskazalay 'da?
(I thought you said 'yes')

Ya toezhah dummel stohon kazal 'da'
(I thought he said 'yes' as well)

Matilda, ya skazal Matilda, stoh tsveyemi sivohnjah
('Matilda', I said 'Matilda'. What's the matter with you guys today?)

izineetshay gaspahdin
(Sorry boss).




March 14, 2019

i'm russian and i have impression that wtote with awful accent and without a good knowledge of the language. i really cannot understand what wrote in the first article)

March 14, 2019

Thank you so much! I know - it's musical theatre style Russian written by an American. ;)


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