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English Audio Request

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Reading a daily newspaper is part of the British routine. Mullions of newspapers are sold in Britain every day. In fact, after the Japanese, the British are the people who buy the most daily papers in the whole world. The fact that newspapers are delivered door to door for a small extra charge contributes to a high rate of readership.

Besides countless small local papers, there are national dailies. Some have a high quality. That’s why they are called quality papers. They used to have a large format – broadsheet, but nowadays some quality papers have adopted the smaller format. They deal with an extensive coverage of political, financial, and foreign news, use formal language, have few pictures and deal with the information in a serious and objective way.

Others, popular papers, are smaller in format – tabloids. They have lots of pictures, large headlines and short articles written in simple and informal language., which deal with human interest stories. This kind of newspapers handle the information in a sensationalist way.

There is also the Sunday press, which provides reading material about motoring, holidays, fashion, cooking, house and home, among others.


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