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English Audio Request

152 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Please read it with natural speed :) thanks a lot!!! :D

“Tell me your name, outlander, so that once I feast and drink from your pretty skull my brothers may know who’s been the last one of the Cimmerian scum to fall under my long axe!” A very amused laugh followed those arrogant words.“Not in the safe warmth of your house but in the unpleasant halls of Valhalla you shall tell your brothers that you’ve met Conan of Cimmeria!” Thus answered the indomitable barbarian and with an inhuman speed like a wild wolf hunting in the woods, he stepped forward in Heimdul's direction, sword in hand. There was a swift clanging of sword and axe which then died away with the same velocity of a kiss made not of soft and tasty lips, but of steel and flesh. With a gasp and a lifeless expression on his face, Heimdul fell down before Conan’s feet, for he had been run through by Conan’s broadsword.


  • A Veil Left in a Frozen Plain- Part 2 ( recorded by hcarias ), Mild Nuyorican American, Nuyorican Spanish

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