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Swahili Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

Can you please record this spoken slowly for me with pauses so I can repeat the sentence afterwards? I have to learn the dialog. I've written it as well as I can, but I am including also the English so you can make corrections if the translation is wrong.

Are you married?
Wewe ni umeaoa?

I am married now.
Nimeolewa sasa.

Are you divorced?
Wewe umeatalaka?

I was divorced but now I am married.
Nilikuwa talaka lakini sasa ninaolewa.

Are you a divorcee?
Wewe ni talae?

I was a divorcee but now I am a wife.
Mimi nilikuwa talae lakini sasa ni mke.

Are you a widow?
Wewe ni mjane?

I am not a widow
Mimi si mjane

Are your parents alive?
Wazazi wako bado wanaishi?

My parents died.
Wawazi wangu walikufa.

My parents are dead.
Wawazi wangu wamekufa.

My father was 52 years old when he died.
Babu yangu alikuwa na umri wa miaka hamsini na mbili alipofariki

My mother was 103 years old when she died.
Mama yangu alikuwa na umri 103 alipofariki.

Asante sana, rafiki langu.!


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