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English Audio Request

93 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

This is a request for the pronunciation of a list of minimal pairs i personally find hard to distinguish. I would prefer that native speakers of RP (Received Pronunciation) say these words only since i'm trying to pick up the accent :)

θ and ð - group 1
ether either
teeth teethe
sheath sheathe
sooth soothe
thigh thy

ɒ and ɔ - group 2
swan sworn
spot sport
scotch scorch
potter porter
moss Morse
body bawdy

ɑ and ɒ - group 3
balm bomb
card cod
cast cost
dark dock
glassy glossy
last lost

ɑ and ʌ - group 4
calm come
cart cut
harsh hush
last lust
mastered mustard
starter stutter

ɒ and ʌ - group 5
warrior worrier
begone begun
bonny bunny
boss bus
crocks crux
fond fund




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